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Office Necessary Stationery To Make You Work Efficiently

Office Necessary Stationery To Make You Work Efficiently

Office Necessary Stationery To Make You Work Efficiently

For white-collar workers who work at the computer every day, the aid of stationery is more helpful to their work efficiency than to the students, so what kind of stationery is more suitable for the workplace?


Double Sides Glue Tape Roller


You may not be able to find the tools to paste the invoice sometimes? And you stick with the traditional glue? If you stick incorrectly, you have to tear out and stick again, and then it would make your hand all glue. When did stick invoice become so irritable?



Don’t worry! Here comes your little helper, LPS glue tape runner. It can help you save all trouble, just like using a correction tape, pull out the glue and stick on, even if you stick wrong, you can tear out easily and stick again. It is very simple to make your invoice stick at one time.



Decorative Tape


In busy work, it is necessary to make a memorandum!

When you are training, having a meeting, listening to the customer's brief and so on, to do the necessary memo in time can make you feel twice the result with half the effort.

LPS decorative tape with 24 kids of pattern, including life elements, geometric elements, creatures, the nebula belt & oil painting belt four styles. They can play the role of fluorescent pen, but more colorful than the fluorescent pen, and do not worry about the back penetration problem.




Secret Correction Tape


The bill of lading on our letter, parcel, express contains our important personal information. Sometimes we are not able to tear out the label, the we can use cover bars to cover our important information.




LPS secret correction tape with three layer secret correction, it can cover the picture information at one time and has no loopholes in privacy.



Index Paste


It would make you confused if the document and files are too much. And it is hard to find out the correct one, especially at critical moment. Index paste is an artifact to manage files; it can be used for file classification, index tagging and key hints, which can instantly improve work efficiency!




LPS PET multi-purpose post-it notes with draw-out package can carry with easily. It is very conveniently to use with bright fluorescent color to catch the eyes.



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