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Lepusheng tells you why the high price stationery is popular

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-06-24


          Every year when the new terms begin,there must be a economic trend in the stationery market, many parents start to buy new staionery for kids, even though some parents want their children more frugal orally, but to purchase some high-priced stationery for the child, on the one hand,high-priced stationery often have brand guarantee,and more reliable in a variety of stationery market, on the other hand, parents fear of losing face when the child with the low-end products .So it is virtually encouraging the high price stationery.



          First, demands of consumer have changed


         Brand stationery was popularized by the change of consumption idea in recent years, with the increasing development of counterfeit, in order to guarantee the interests of the consumer to a great extent, many consumers choose relatively high prices of brand stationery.Especially the emergence of young parents ,they will pay more attention to their children's health security problem, also performed on stationery products.Because of the low threshold of the stationery industry, those stationery manufacturers in "3 without "start do production,  and also the sham as the genuine in the market.


          Second, the lack of education


          Parents buy high-priced stationery just for the security, is there anything else?In fact, many parents buy high-priced stationery just don't want to let the children losing face in school.


          Some parents choose relatively cheap stationery online , but tell children they are in high price, the purpose is "do not want children feel poor to use the stationery, and produce self-abased psychology".It is clear that not only the  students have peer in stationery suppliesbut also the parents.and also we can say that some parents have their own peer,so that the stationery "luxury" wind spread and intensified.As long as the parents to respond it correctly, then the child will not in luxury, too.


          The phenomenon of higher prices stationery is multifaceted, schools and parents should  instill a concept to their children,it is enough that stationery itself can meet the learning needs, especially parents, in the mean time when guaranteeing the quality of products, they should guide children to set up the correct consumption concept.


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