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Three changes of stationery franchises in the market

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-13

In recent years, the model of stationery franchises is popular in the industry.And there are many investors into.There are over handreds of stationery franchises in last years.According to the related survey found that,there are something changing in the following three points:

One,Canvass business orders

Canvass business is into the modern network insteaded of the pass channels.To attract the alliance businessmen through the Internation search.Nowadays,the alliance buiness through the Internation is very developed in China.To introduce the stationery brand,service and the inestment enviroment through the Internet is the fastest and simplest way to solve the problem of customers.And also can learn some knowledge about register and investment through the Internet.And we can find the customer though the Internet as well as customer look for us.

Two,Consumer awareness

There are many consumer choose the stationery depand on feeling or the packing and material quality of stationery products.Because stationery product is a affordable and durable products,it cuase most of consumers is lack of the knowledge to choose stationery product.And the consumer is influenced by public opinion direction.The insider thinks that as the consumers can't find the real reliably brand so that to choose depand on simple standard.

Three management mode

There are more than ten years of developing experience in the stationery line.The rapid development cuased the behindhand in management,the lack of the personnel training,the longger production cycle,higher mistake in production and the behind markeing and response.Most of enterprise awared the such behind,so that to intrcoduce the large secla of equipment,senior management personnel and expansion of factory building.And some famous brand has changing in the scale of management.

Some enterprise which has the strategic vision to attract the marketing model from other industry.These changed is from the bottom to up.And some stationery manufacturers with the slowly reponded also changing the business model by themselves.

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