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How to expand the sales channels for stationery export suppliers?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-11-10


The international market demand has not recovered yet from the data of the 114th Canton fair.Waiting for order is not desirable for stationery suppliers.Facing such intense competition,in order to gain more market share in stationery market,it is necessary be more active to expand the new way.
Develop channels without middlemen
Whether do the innovation in industrial design or technology or do the B2B or other e-commerce,can do the business with foreign buyer is a good thing.It is similar in domestic,the more middlemen, the higher price of products.The competitiveness will be improved if without such many middlemen then sell out with lower price.
Attend trade shows 
With the development of e-commerce,more and more purchaser,suppliers selection to do the business online.For buyers,it is across the geographical,for suppliers, it is reduce the spend in the fair.So,e-commerce will be more and more pouplar.However, fair is the best way and effective ways to attract buyers for traditional stationery export manufacturers.Maybe most of them are do the B2B investment,the fair such as Canton fair has play the import role in exporting market.
Develop the emerging market
The weakness in European and American markets makes a lot of stationery merchants began to look for other overseas markets since the economic crisis.So that the emerging overseas markets such as Africa, southeast Asia, South America have became a new battlefield stationery supplier in China.From the fair,we could found that European and American market still in a slow recovery,and the growth of emerging markets also slowed.However,emerging market still the expand direction for office suppliers.
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