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Rational consumption is more important in time to back to school

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-03-11
There were so many students busied to ready the stationeries for new semester.And the market also getting hot and hot.However,it is need keep the retional consumption in purchaseing.
The were so many activities about the new semester during time to back to school.Different kinds of stationeries were in the differnet balance.And the low price promotion always can attract a lot of consumer.In fact,there are the large demand in the market.
However,it is necessary to keep rationalization of consumption.Facing so many different stationeries,The parents of students always lost the mind how to choose stationery.And the bad proudcts not only bad in use but also influence the children's patience.There are so many different kinds of stationeries in market.In order to meet the demand of students,the businessman introuduced different pen such as fluorescent pen, aromatic rubber and so on to the market.But such new stationery also hidden much dangers.
Lepusheng thought that the security issue of stationery should be pay more attention.So,how to choose the good stationery?There are some suggestions form the specialist to the students:
First of all, it should notice if there are the "no toxic" in the new stationery.And buy in normal bazaar shop as far as possible.According to the regulation,there are the "no toxic" word be printed on the stationery such as rubber,correction fluid and paints.
Second, don't choose some stationery which bright-coloured and fragrance.
Finally, hand scissors,razor should be choose some which top of the arc.The diameter of the pen cap should greater than 16mm then to avoiding danger.And the of brightness of textbooks should lower then 85%.
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