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Lepusheng stationery is successfully awarded the title of“observing contract and valuing credit”for five years

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-10-26

The industrial and commercial bureau of Shantou City has announced those enterprises that got “observing contract and valuing credit” of year 2011 recently. Lepusheng stationery was awarded “observing contract and valuing credit” again for its honest business, strict execute contract which has been obtained by the relevant unit. Also, it has been successfully awarded such honorary title from year of 2007-2011.

Business integrity is the key success for the enterprise to manage continuously which has been an unquestionable fact. With the developing of market-oriented economy, how to “operating honestly, winning the trust by publics” has been an topic about which the whole society are concerning. It has been approved that the creditworthy enterprise is sure to get good reputation, win the good market feedback and good developing and expanding gradually for these decades practice experience. On the contrary, those not creditworthy enterprise is likely to loose market and competitiveness. It’s urgently need for stationery field to build and perfect social credit system to comply with the need of global economic integration especially the moment China joining the WTO.

Guangdong Lepusheng stationery Co.Ltd had been paying highly attention to its building of honest operating and contract managing since its beginning of establishment. Lepusheng stationery always insist of integrity-oriented, strictly follow national laws and regulations, emphasize honest operating during the manufacturing of stationery which has got the acceptance by publics. What’s more, Lepusheng stationery had been taking initiate action to advertise “observing contract and valuing credit” activities, further promoting and perfecting the establishment of company credit system, establishing good corporate image and reputation as well.

The title of “observing contract and valuing credit” awarded is the identification of achievement for Lepusheng stationery contract managing and honest business image by the industrial and commercial bureau of Shantou City and vast other stationery companies. Lepusheng stationery will always contribute its strength to the building of honest business, legal operating, fair trading, honest promising and will take great efforts into maintaining good social credit circumstance too.

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