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Stationery enterprise to realize what changes for Industry new development

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-03

Stationery with more and more intense market competition, at the same time in industry control and  material cost rising conditions, many stationery manufacturers have been looking for new development way and new mode. Lepusheng stationery summarize enterprise could change  from the following three aspects:


Frist, to open up the courage to thinking


Stationery enterprise requirements development, will have the courage to break the traditional thinking, accept the new thinking. To correct the enterprise internal shortage timely and find a solution to the problem to implement them. To study excellent enterprise, he has to know his own advantages and gap, improve heir own advantages more and dare to adjust market with competition and change.


Second, actively develop the market


In information age, stationery dealer has to change previous shopkeeper management way of thinking, dealer behavioral change and can't in a passive. To active attack by regional market customer visit, and actively develop new markets, serious effective safeguard and the relationship between the customers and will keep the their markets .


Third, to strengthen internal management


Although fast developments of stationery industry in the light industry,  most stationery enterprises in management is still in not standard condition. Extensive management couldn't keep up with the development of the market need, only to strengthen and improve the internal management of enterprises, deepening enterprise reform, strengthening the management of enterprises, so to improve the enterprise internal management system. To promote the enterprise competitive advantage, we must first have a clear positioning that what kind of business model can be helpful for the future development of the enterprise. Secondly, to set up comparatively perfect enterprise organizational structure, set up the staff team spirit, establish a scientific standard, work flow and specific autonomy of employees,

to establish suitable management system for enterprise and database, real data will be the important reference basis of sales performance and enterprise development status.


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