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What is the stationery development with the influence of the Matthew?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-08-23


    In this age,the stronger will more strong and the weaker will more weak,it is the Matthew.First-line brand will be better and better; and the second and third brands are in the trouble in the cycle of expansion - poor mangement - close - expansion".The power of te brand is very visible.
    So, how does other stationery stores done in the market layout and development model?
Direction one: Do the special strategic layout 
    China stationery brand always pay more attention to the regional advantage, they do well fo the business in their field that to expand to whole country.
1.Point to area

   Due to the serious homogeneity in Chinese stationery brand, there are lack of features generally,low price competition.Stationery brand had ont timely to build the value but to go with the popular.It is needs your main product if you want to do the best in so many stationery brand in China.The main office stationery should differenrtce from other's.Then to expand the other stationery from a point to area.
    Price increased,labor shortage and the tight capital chain.All of them make the living space of China stationery more narrow.It is needs to do the vertical integration if stationery brand wants to break out the prison.
Direction two: To set up the distinctive brand
    What is the soul of brand?How to let the consumers to buy once them see a stationery brand?That are the problems should be consider in this years.After the "price competition","advertising competition", "packing competition" and so on.But only the stationery soul around with the stationery supplies.
    How to display the value of stationery brand for second and third brand?Lepusheng stationery pointed out that the second and third should to know the core value of the brand then to find out the development direction.
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