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New change in samll and medium enterprises

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-12-17


In recent years, there are the bad environment in foreign trade.And a lot of stationery enterprises is faced with many difficulties. The high cost and the lack of market demand brough much trouble to the small and medium-sized stationery enterprises.Weak market demand,the intese competition and the high cost become the  main contradiction of many stationery suppliers.
First, rising labor costs 
With the increasing of China economy,the worker's wage growth is also faster.It is make the intensive industry such as stationery industry lost the original export advantage. At the same time, lack of  workers,skilled workers and brain drain frequent are incresed the costs.Rising labor costs have the big effects to the stationery suppliers.It is make the stationery made in China without the low cost advantage anymore.
Two,rising cost of raw material
The weak market,rise cost of raw material,and the high price of transportation cost pushed the high price of stationery products.Moreover, industry monopoly,market block also improve the logistics cost of small and medium-sized enterprise.So that the price of office stationery is higher and higher.And the office suppliers only to reduce the price thought improve the process in design,prouction and so on.
Three,high financing cost
Small and medium-sized enterprises also faced the higher and higher financing.There are the high market threshold for the small and medium-sized enterprise and GEM.Although for a long time the stationery threshold of employment is low,the high financing make most of investors also feels hopeless.
How to stand out in these changes in the new situation? Lepusheng thinks that improvet own quality,competitiveness and innovation,to improve the competitivness of products through technological innovation and management innovation then to form a new competitive advantage.
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