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Certification become the "ticket" for exported stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-09-01


           If the stationery enterprises want to be successful to enter the high-end market abroad, in addition to meet the domestic and foreign related production licensing requirements and basic authentication,and still need to obtain all kinds of professional certification.In recent years, with the more and more strict standard in stationery industry, and the "savage" trade barriers overseas, so that you can say that, China is the largest victim in the trade protection in the world.In the face of a growing number of trade disputes,how does the stationery export enterprises deal with it?



          When developing the customer,many foreign trade staff must have met the position that customer want the product certification requirements,especially the buyers from European and American countries,they attach importance on the corresponding certification of the stationery products.So that a certain amount of certification is the pass for the stationery manufacturer to get into the specialized market.


            Authentication is the guarantee of quality


            When facing the fierce competition in the industry,many enterprises actively increasing the financial input in certification, take the professional certification to improve their core competitiveness.Quality is the premise of all development, when it lacks of the guarantee of quality, then all the developments are fantasy.If there is a strong authentication, then the stable quality has guarantee. After all,if the quality of the products is bad,then it can't be a good products even it is the characteristics of the stationery,and always can't stand in the market, so ,to win the heart of consumers, ultimately depends on quality.


            Certification is helpful to get orders


            Certification is a guarantee of quality, and at the same time is the level certificate that the production conditions reach the consumer demand .Sources pointed out that the effective certification in fair are more likely to get the order.Certification is a form of credit guarantee,it can prove the product, service, management system are conform to the compulsory requirements of related technical specifications or standards of conformity assessment activities.Have this kind of evaluation, then it is easy to gain the trust of the customers.


             As an stationery export enterprises, the first is to constantly improve the quality and safety of self-control, nip in the bud.Attaches great importance to the various technical barriers on thought and all kinds of requirements to the importer of stationery, especially the safety, environmental protection, health, fraud and other requirements.


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