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Specialized should be the promote ideas for China stationery factory

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-24

Within thirty years,China has become the largest stationery manufacturer,exporter and consumer.With the big swings in raw material cost,labor shortages,cheap manufacturing is over.Stationery inudstry has been to the highe cost ear.The people were pay "bigger" as the goals.But now,it is no longer to solve everything.The disadvantage such as big but weak will be apperaed by enterprise.Than will fall into the trouble like high inverntory or small profit.

Specialized should be the promote ideas for China stationery factory

The main feature of 10 years before within 30 years of reform and opening was changed the public style to private.And the proudction value was increased 4 times,we can see that the marketing is getting biger and biger.So how to operate the market?

At present, China stationery with over production,and the industry is enter into transition period.Accoreding to the chareacteristics of the demand of stationery market.Now it is more attention to do specialized instead of the bigger and comprehensive.

Now,the specialized division of labor is more and more fine.The leading competitiveness need the specialized.No matter what kind of products.First of all is to do in specialized.The foundation of the enterprise is to pay more work and resources to the development.Lepusheng stationery is not pursue the maximization but the best quality.Company has been in the idear of sepcialzed then going to strong.

Compared to other industrial manufacturers,Lepusheng stationery always to keep the improvment of correction supplies like correction tape,correction fluid and so on.It is focus on the line of products research and development.So that do the specialized production is a strategy.

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