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How do stationery enterprise strengthen the cultural construction

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-06-30


          The development of stationery industry brings competition to the market,and  the change of consumption idea also let consumers tend to brand stationery.To the lots of stationery manufacturers ,firstly they should create a harmonious enterprise, and harmonious enterprise should strengthen the construction of enterprise constantly, because the center of the enterprise culture is to create human-oriented, team spirit and the harmony inside and outside, only the good enterprise culture construction,then they can achieve harmony both on internal and external .



          One, strengthen cultural construction


          The internal and external conditions in the process of production and operation to stationery enterprises , they should create a good internal and external environment to make the enterprise and the objective environment into dynamic balance.So what is the external and internal environment of enterprises means?It is the  relations that enterprise should do well in all aspects, and the external environment includes guest relations, trade relations, community relations, government relations, media relations, etc;Internal environment is mainly refers to employee relations.Maintain good relationship with customers is important connotation of enterprise culture;To properly handle the relationship between suppliers and also conducive to enterprise sales smoothly of the stationery products;Maintenance of community environment;To deal with the relationship between the government and are companies such as the direction of the efforts to create a good external environment.At the same time, if it is  is bad between the employee, then it is related  more to the merits of the enterprise culture construction.Therefore ,pay attention to improve employees' benefits, at the same time respect employees' personality;Second,we should promote two-way communication.

         Two, strengthen the enterprise values


         Values are the core of enterprise culture,and also the enterprise organization and the basic idea of philosophy.The establishment of the values is the choice of determining the nature, objectives, management in the enterprise organization ,and also the history accumulation of successfully doing in business , it determines the basic direction of the enterprise management behavior.


          Firstly, people-oriented, and greatly developing enterprise human resources


          Corporate culture is the management theory based on people-centered , it  the respect the personality of the worker, the premise of labor value, dignity and rights, therefore, fully arouse the enthusiasm of people is the key to the rise and fall of the enterprise.First ,we must establish the host status of the worker in the enterprise, and then the respect for human dignity, the rights and value, meet the needs of the people, arouse the enthusiasm of the people, once again,we should pay attention to the development of human resources, strengthen staff training, give employees a more space for development.


           Secondly, the customer is supreme, and the realization of win-win situation between enterprise and customer


           Customer first is an important principle of shaping corporate values.Wal-mart, the principle of "customer first" is a household name, its two rules: "the customer is always right" and "if wrong, please refer to the first", in the wal-mart's philosophy of customer relationship, customer is the "boss" , wal-mart's refund policy without any hesitation, to ensure that every customer has no trouble back at home.

           Thirdly, democratic management, building a harmonious business relationship


           Enterprise culture construction is the psychological interaction process of enterprise managers and staff , they communicate ideas through a common experience,and the common perception , communicate feelings, achieve the goal of building excellent enterprise culture.Therefore, internally to build a harmonious enterprise interpersonal stick to four principles: principle of two-way information interaction - mutual transmission;Balance principle - adhere to the equality and mutual respect;Integration principle - under the overall planning, the relevant part of the communication process for effective comprehensive principle;Effective principle - through the communication and action to achieve the desired effect.In external there are also four principles: effectiveness principle - timing spread in time;Moderation principle - refers to grasp the unfinished, don't too much;Principle of authenticity - propaganda to be practical and realistic, to tell the truth, not against the facts, overblown.


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