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Lepusheng stationery gives you some tips for fun in the office

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-04-26


         Office stationery exist everywhere in our daily life, in addition to the student groups,  white-collar worker is the "regular" with the stationery, and with the increase of stress in our life, an increasing number of white-collar workers began to "pursue" the office stationery, in serious office environment, it is the pursuit  of office white-collar that  use creative stationery to ornament each inches of space, each product, and  create a comfortable, lively, healthy and progressive work environment .Lepusheng stationery will give you some tips.Then how to choose the unique creative stationery, but never break the demand of being concise and practical ,and also contain lively and cute feel just like  students stationery,then give some vivid fun  for the serious office environment .



          "Green plans" are preferred


          The most  dynamic products on your office desk must green plants, I don't know since when, green pottings became "professional  plant  in the office".A green potting became the brightest scenery on the office desk of white-collar workers .In addition to adorn the desktop,it can also alleviate the fatigue effect  in serious office environment.So many stationery manufacturer start to work on the "plant",see the creative potting pen sells well online is also derived from this element.Those creative pens in the shape of small pots are so life-like that you can't distinguish it is a real pot or not . Polymer clay color pen is the same, see, these colorful flowers turned out to be the creative pens, isn't it interesting?



          Little savings is "love"


          A business card, a needle, and a small tape which are everywhere on you desk ,hey,hurriedly give them  a "home".Those stationery with the function of store are also the favourite of a lot of white-collar workers .Lepusheng stationery thinks that stationery design ideas should appear creative, and improve our life in a variety of ways , to grasps this attitude and Lepusehng  combined with the market demand, and provide two kinds of correction tape with the function of store for the consumers .They are correction tapes ,and also can be a small store  box.See ,this is a correction tape with two kinds of  functions ,and the beautiful appearance design can also light up your desktop, don't you think they are interesting !


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