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Stationery products keep rising in this year

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-26

Last years,due to the rose raw materials and the labor costs,the stationery industry was apperance rose generally.And this situation will continue in this years.The expert expected the stationery factory price would rise by 5% - 10% in this year.The multifunction stationery product will rise more obviously.

There is the fall and rise of the raw materials.The chemical raw materials such as paint is in the rising and there is declined in the hardware accessories,but increasing in the labour.So that,the price of plastic stationery products will rising by 5%.But we can see that there is the strong bargaining and cost dligestive for the large enterprise.And the intermediate products are keep the price same.

In view of the changing of the raw materials and artificial,there is a part of stationery factory price is rise by 5% - 10%.But the terminal retail is rising in interval at  15%~20%.The businessmen of stationery wholesale market will adjust the price according to the sales.And some market may will rise more than 10%,and some bad market may digestion the rising price and  maintain the retail price.

But the stationery product which made by wood such as book,wooden pencil hold are rising more obvious.Partly because there is lack of timber resources in China,and the paint material of wooden product also rise as well as the labor costs.So that the price of wooden product will be greater than other products.

But there are some insider which in the line of stationery for long time said that the European and American style may be not extra charge the price.Because this kind of stationery usual in the high price,to rise the price will cause unacceptable for the consumers.And it always has a certain digestive for price.

And there is expect the rise time may appear in the July or September.The insider said that the because of it is the exhibition session for the stationery industry,each stationery manufacturer will launch their new products at this time,and adjust the products factory price.

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