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Prudent parents how to buy affordable student stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-30

There will be a lto of parents to select some new stationery for their children once come near to the new term.However,under the inflation,stationery price also rising.It is reported that the price of stationery is rised about 5% to 12% that last years.Many parents choose to buy the stationery in stationery wholesale market or online for save money.

The half price temptation of wholesale market

As the stationery products generally rise price,most of smart parents to buy the stationery in more economical.There are many student parents go to the stationery wholesale market and choose the student for their children.Besides the complete variety,most of them are in the fine appearance and the competitive price.Such as the retail price of a set of notebook contains 4 types is 25 yuan,the stocking price is 20 yuan.The retail price of A8 English notebook is 5 yuan and the stocking price is just 2.5 yuan.The prime cost and retail price of pen is differ not quite.The retail price of gel pen is 2 yuanand the wholesale price is 1.5 yuan.It is more benefiter to buy the stationery product than the stationery stores.

Shopping online more easier and save money

Besides go to the wholesale market, there is more and more parents choose to buy stationery supplies online.And there are many high popular online shop famous from good quality and low price.Thoseproduct not only with fashionable and popular,but also in the competitive price.Most of student stationery price just the 40%-60 of market.Therefore,shopping online is more benefit.There are various kinds of stationery,the consumers can choose something in cheep prices available.

Group purchase in wholesale price

It is no duoubt that the wholesale price is much cheeper then to buying in shop.Although wholesale price is attractive,it require you to buy on quantity once,for alone,it is too many to expend.Actually,stationery supplies is a consumption necessities,it is not waste if bought.That is why there a lot of people buying with car.Therefore,group purchase is be more popular in the consumer.The best way is to take into the sharing buy or the onlien group purchase,to buy the necessary stationery in once and also save freight.

There are more and more consumers eager to over tedious logistics through the Internet.Therefore,to improve the contact between the wholesale market and terminal is important to the stationery manufacturers.

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