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Common correction tapes and correction fluids

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Correction tape is one of stationeries wihch can used to correct mistakes during typing or in some forms handwriting like correction fluid.It is the derivative or the upgrade product for the correction fluid.It is useful tool for editing printed text or text written by hand in ink.Until today,correction tape has become one of common stationery in our office and study. 

Correction tape

Unrefillable Correction Tape
Unrefillable Correction Tape

Unrefillable Correction Tape

Unrefillable correction tape is the not-refillable correction tape.In order to attract the consumer to buy again and again.Most of stationery shopkeepers are purchase this kind of correction tape.

Refillable correction tape
Refillable correction tape is more environmental protection and material benefit.Just turn a refill then can be used again.

Retractable Correction Tape
Retractable Correction Tape Retractable correction tape is one type of correction tape.It also be called as correction pen. It is more convenience for the office workers or students.

Correction fluid
Brush correction fluid
Brush correction fluid

This type of correction fluid is packaged in small bottles and the lid has a attached brush (or a triangular piece of foam) which dips into the bottle. The correction fluid with brush is the fristest type.It is very popular in the Internetional market.

Correction Pen

Correction Pen

More recently,correction fluid has become available in pen form with the spring-loaded.It is more convenience to carry and use.Compared to the bottled form,the pen allows a more even and thin application.And is less prone to drying out or clogging.
Correction fluid with 2 in 1
Correction fluid with 2 in 1

2 in 1 correction fluid with the spring-loaded and also has a littler brush.It combined with the two advantage that can be use in the large area in text and releases a small amount of fluid.


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