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Opportunity and crisis,stationery line in the key period

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-16

At present, stationery industry is in the key period,there is the broad market for the stationery,and it is going to the good way.But because of the bad habits and the high copy,there are so many copy factory in China,So,what about the opportunity and crisis of stationery industry?


1.The strong pull

Stationery products is the necessity product for the social.It can be divied into students stationery, office stationery and the custom gift stationery.But dut to the efforts throught the stationery enterprises and the great attention to the stationery,stationery has appeared the new trend to the cousmer.The stationery production quantity and the sales quantity also rising under such background.

2. The "environmental protection" be recongnition

In the past,stationery is the one-time items.It caused great waste of resources.And now,with the stonly voice of the "environmental protection green living" ,there is appeare more and more green stationery manufacturing enterprises.It is welcomed by the customer and also conforms to the green concept.

3. The industry chain have been complete

 At the beginning of the industry development,there is lack of the a complete set of materials.Stationery manufacturers have to desing by themselves if they wants to achieve innovation.Then to looking for some supporting manufacturers to develop accorrding to the design drawings.It is add the innovation cost and the cycle time. With the development of the industry,the relative component suppliers also keep up the market and help the enterprise developing the new products.To accelerate the completement of whole industry.And provide the basis of the industry.
Crisis always be together with opportunity.

1.External and cost need be solved

The heavy taxes,high cost and the no longer advantage in labor cost,The repeatedly raising minimum wages and the rapid increase of the labor costs made the advantage no longer.With the decline of world economy and the less demand of foreign trade,The investment environment of stationery manufacturing is going deteriorating.

2.Reduce the stationery reputation in low price competition

Due to the less threshold and the not balanced consumption level for different regional.The less demand of the three and four line city and the popular element of timeliness,All of them caused the inventories.So that it is difficult to control the quality.And some of the new enterprise will cause the such problems if unconscious.It is needs be attention and remin because it will effect to the reputation of the industry.

If blindly in production quantiy,terminal and price at the begining.And don't make the mind to do well in the product quality and the production,The bad result is not harm some enterprise or the brand,it bad for the wohle Chian office supplies stationery .

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