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The Development Way of Stationery Enterprises , Find Correct Channel To Build Brand

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-31


      The quickly developing of raw material,  higher cost of manufacturing , lower enterprise profit ,and the raising management costs, all these factors above are making it not optimistic of the environment in stationery industry , big brand extrusion, small brands follow suit, and also the competitive environment is becoming more and more bad.Customers' demand is higher and higher, decision-making risk is more and more big.Since the excess capacity and homogenized competition is becoming more and more serious, the survival of traditional development in competition would cease to exist,therefore, many stationery enterprises have to take into account the economic trend, then let  enterprise go out of the predicament, optimize the  core competitiveness.


        First, building brand


        Brand knowledge is the key to make enterprises bigger and stronger, those have  the visibility and reputation of the brand can also make the agents  build up confidence in the long-term.With the transformation of consumers' consumption idea, the  the favour of degree to brand is becoming more and more important.Building brand can attract more consumers' attention, and also can effectively improve the product's market share and economic benefits.The radiation is not only rely on the media publicity, but also including channel construction, customer management, marketing management, etc.At the same time, as a non-first-line brand,first we must have the regional market share of the cake, and just can only play "cost-effective" this card.In product appearance design we should choose the most popular modeling in the market ,and material selection and the base material must be the  environmental protection material.


       Second, the alignment with channel


       Enterprise would only keep the high-speed growth ability can stand out in the uneven competition.So, for the general stationery of small and medium-sized enterprises ,where is the growth of stationery ?Two or three line market, on the sinking level, the brand will grow, and also can  have more chance to be the leading brand in the local, with the growing of consumer awareness to the brand stationery, enterprises should realize that the consumer is the "induction"group, with timely guidance, and attract consumers to choose our own brand can effectively develop channels and establish brand.


        The  competition in stationery industry is self-evident, to  tens of thousands of stationery companies, the only market share is constantly being robbed, low price has become the main method to grab market share for all the merchants .But at the same time , the expense of the quality "discount"  of  many small and medium-sized gift stationery brand will make  many big brands be involved.For all kinds of stationery gift enterprises, only the real construction of stationery brand, and starting from the right channel, can be  the way out of the office stationery enterprises.


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