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Traditional stationery is adjusting to speed up structural adjustment

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2015-01-15


          Foreign trade is in the serious situation,and more and more stationery manufacturers start to adjust the pace of progress,Stationery manufacturers have decomposition of various channels to explore the pressure of foreign trade export .Traditional labor-intensive stationery manufacturers have to speed up the pace of structural adjustment and transformation.


          Improve added value of products


         Added value of stationery brand can be said to be the intangible assets of brand, it is mainly refers to the brand visibility and reputation which is related to the products.Stationery enterprises should follow the latest trends in the market,and have innovation process, beautify the appearance, add features, improve product technology content and added value.


          Strengthen the management of brand


          Now in the present market which has a increasing consciousness,the establishment of brand image is especially important, enterprise attaches great importance to the shaping of the brand image, not only to let the consumer know the brand, but also should let customers understand this brand more,understand the grade of the brand, quality, etc of the product,.As the advantage of low cost isdrifting away,Stationery production factory have a new level, new heights for the importance for the construction of independent brands.


           To strengthen the cost control


           The rising cost of is self-evident,and the daily increase of labor cost let China gradually lose low cost advantage.Stationery enterprises should only through the optimizing the management process,and improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.In addition, the development of new products, improve the new product ideas for the products, grafting stationery costs is an effective approach to control costs.


            Explore the domestic market


            The malaise of the international market, let many small and medium-sized stationery enterprises turn to the domestic market.After all, along with the increasing consumption potential in domestic market, the future market is incalculable, the rapid rise of the domestic consumer market has started to become a new growth point of stationery industry.Stationery enterprises should make full use of international and domestic market this two basis points,when external demand is insufficient then domestic demand can help.However, expand domestic demand market, it looks good,but really not easy.Foreign trade OEM is unprofitable,sale in domestic market also thin margins, stationery manufacturing enterprises are facing the development bottleneck.


            To reduce the intermediate links of the trade


            Any business model, it is the best to reduce the , the less the better,to reduce the intermediate links of the trade is also a means to control costs.Stationery manufacturers only should change the way through the trade company before selling, and directly talk with the foreign chains, stores and other terminal,so that can reduce product retail price,and attract consumers with high cost-effective price.


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