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Several big roles of stationery exhibition

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-01


          For stationery enterprises, the fair is an effective platform for enterprises to show themselves to general merchants.For domestic sales of stationery enterprises, trade fair is a powerful and important way to promote their brand.In the traditional activities of stationery export, fair is also the most effective way of establishing business relations with foreign enterprises.Despite the current  development of e-commerce, Internet platform has become one of display platform of many stationery exporters, but it still can't replace the stationery exhibition which can bring more benefit.Then what are the several big roles of the stationery exhibition for common stationery companies?



          1,to contact with customer with  low-cost 


          For stationery manufacturers,they can directly face with the customers when participate in the exhibition, and find the willing buyers.Saves the cost of intermediate traders, then have more competitive advantage in price.Data show that the average cost with exhibition is only the 40% of the cost with other ways to contact customers.


          2,meet potential customers


          In general, there are only 12% in the crowd of the visitors to the exhibitors booth got the phone call from the exhibitors sales personnel before 12 months of the show, the remaining 88% are almost the new potential customers.When to participate in the exhibition, there must be a better propaganda effect when distributing the circulated books and leafletsof the enterprises.In addition, the exhibition is also a good chance to attract a lot of media attention, use the media publicity can effectively expand the well-knownness of enterprise, through this fair and open platform,it can be very easy to implement on both sides.


          3,display power, set up the image of company


          At the exhibition, the customer will inevitably "shop around", the exhibition provides the opportunity to display their strength for exhibitors before competitors .Participating companies should spend more time on the booth design, let the booth staff to do a good job of service in the process of reception, provide good services, attract willing buyers.Procurement chamber will have comparison between various exhibitors, trade fair is also a good chance to show its image and strength of stationery suppliers .Especially in the concentrated region or country that full of customers and dealers, they can  can effectively improve the image of the company through the exhibition, improve product visibility and market competitiveness.it is also a kind of support and assistance to local dealers.


         4, closer with the customer


         It can achieve the purpose of the visit customers through the exhibition.A business may be have a lot of customers in a certain region or country, and certainly is scattered and separate ,so that it will spend high cost and may be low efficiency to visit them.The exhibition can get all the dealers or customers together, one by one, so that improve the efficiency of the visit and negotiation.For international customers,they can meet the customers that from daily mail and  telephone through the trade fair,and have face-to-face communication with customers.Exhibitors can pass their latest product information,present products use, present products use and have dinner closer with the customer.


           5, collect and analyze information


          There is no doubt that the exhibition is a good platform that can find new products, new services, it is of great benefit for enterprises to do a good job of market research.Here, you can understand the information of counterpart, grasp the trend of the development of the peers, determine the correct development strategy, in addition, some industry exhibition forum BBS, we can further understanding of industry information through the meeting.You can also collected the information of  products, prices, and a powerful marketing strategy from competitors with effective channels, and help enterprises develop the near and long-term planning.

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