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Guangdong stationery manufacturing gather in Shantou

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-10

China is one of world's leading stationery manufacturing countries,there are 60% in the world total export stationery.And the China stationery manufacturing certer are get together in a place. Most stationery manufacturing factory is located in the coastal areas.Now,Lepusheng stationery will show you the main stationery manufacturing in Guangdong:

According to the Shenzhen related departments said that Shenzhen is become the improtant stationery production place in China.The output value of stationery is nearly  10 billion yuan last yearAt present,there are more than 100 thousand kind of  stationery product such as pen,paper,file folder,office supplies and so on.And the local stationery market also very popular.As Guangdong is one of coastal areas,there are a lot of foreign investment.The data shows that the foreign enterprise accounts for forty percent of the shenzhen stationery enterprises.

With the development of the self-employed private,there are many office stationery manufacturer appare in the Shantou,Guangdong.Shantou is a rising stra in the line of Chinese stationery manufacturing.It is reported,in national stationery fire,which held in the Beijing's great hall,Chaoyang enterprise is about 60% last year.According to incomplete statistics, there is 82 stationery factory in this city.There are has 2 enterprise above10 million yuan investment and the three enterprise with investment about 5 million yuan to 10 million yuan.The production value reaced 900 million yuan.It is undoubetedly said the stationery industry is one of main economic in Shantou.

Shantou stationery is groing rapid.It is depend on some enterprise can see the stationery market potential and basis on they experience to set up the factory.They introduced from abroad a number of advanced equipment and improved the production scale.

In addition, Shantou stationery enterprises also introduced the moder marketing.They respectively the office in Beijing and Guangdong.The sales all over the China.Lepusheng stationery is one of them.We set up the sales office and the deisgn room in Guangzhou.We not only introduced the modern marketing mode,but also take the fashion elements into the stationery design.Meanwhile,to take part in the  well-known stationery exhibition actively,it will improve the  well-knownness and the market competitioness.

At present,the sales of national office supplies are over 400 billion yuan,the growth rate of year is  more than 25%,The grow is faster than the other products.Same as the manufacturing,the circulation mode also in the rapid evolution: the single independent store chain,the supermarket,the supply alliance.In the such changing elements,Shantou stationery enterprise is one of unique view.It will appear more and more stationery brand after the time.

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