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The future stationery brand marketing including competition and cooperation

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-10-07


With the shortage of global resources,the rising price of raw meterials was made the higher price for stationery.At the same time,the appreciation of the RMB and the reducetion of export tax rebates make the stationery manufacturer going to the hot competition.
The market consumption can't catch up the increase of raw materials
The rising price of raw materials cause the rise of labor transportation, shop rent and so on.But the whole stationery market digestion can't catch up the rise price of raw materials.Compared with previous years,there are few hot sales in this years.
Too fast rising prices of raw materials make the prices of stationery supplies rise a month or two months.A stationery sales veteran said that there are different price by a month.The factoy only tell you going up in price without any reason.But fierce competition make the stationery store or terminal shops can't easy rise the price.Most of them only reduce the profits.In addition,the national policy also play the work,most of exporting stationery manufacturers turn the market to the domestic.The traditional marketing model faces severe challenges.
Competition and coopereation should be coexistence in the future
There is the comprehensive competition in the future.With the rise price of production means, more and more stationery shore in China with big brand.The stationery suppliers how to meet the challeng?Experts point out that affected by resource scarcity and countries policy,the stationery prices will be rise.It is the inevitable phenomenon of market economy development.
Competition and cooperation are display in different aspects.For various stationery enterprise,it must to find the market positioning, customer orientation, brand orientation,to establish a unique brand and so on.
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