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Why is there a steel ball in correction fluid(correction liquid)?

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Correction fluid also called correction liquid or tippex liquid.It is one of common office stationery.It is a liquid whice can be applied to paper to cover up errors such as those made by a pen or typwriter.Before the evelopment of correction fluid,when an error was made,an entire document maight have to be discarded if the error could not be cover up or erased.Correction fluid cut down dramatically on waste and headaches for weary secratarise.And correction liqued has become a ubiquitous feature in offices as a result.


 Why is there a steel ball in correction fluid(correction liquid)?

With the development of the stationery industry, there is more and more type in the correction products.There is a steel ball in the correction fluid no matter in the traditional bottles correction liuqid,liquid pen or the double use correction fluid.And do you know what does it do?Before use the correction fluid,why do the peopler habitually pick up the correction fluid?Lepusheng stationery will show you the answer.

Actually,there are the trichloroethane,methyl cyclohexane and cyclohexane in the correction fluid.The layered will be separate if long time useless.And it will sparate the transparent adhesive if without any shake.But as the layered haven't the release gases such as carbon dioxide.So that it couldn't reduce the solidification of correction fluid.And the litter steel ball is work for mixed the correction fluid than prevent delamination.It is used for mixing.
In addition, due to the correction fluid would be dry in the air,so that the shape of correction liquid is sealed and avoid to under the air.And the ball in the top is to provide the sealed space for liquid export.Just like the gel ink pen and ball point pen.

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