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Innovation is the necessary,also is the developing way of the stationery manufacturing

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-09-24


The "innvoation" be shouted so long in stationery manufacturing,but can't see the obvious effect.After all, the innvoation of China stationery are not engough attention.There are the serious copy in the stationery design.It is cause the competition between homogeneous products.
Because most stationery manufacturers do not have its own r&d department and core technology,they only can do the copy.It can said that most of current stationery products are similar whether in style or quality.It is make the market chaos and the increased the difficulty of consumers choose to buy.
For the new stationery manufacturers,copy is one of the fastest way to into stationery market ,but it is no a long-term policy.It is hard to going to strong and big if do the copy.With the more and more matures stationery industry.There are more and more stationery enterprises in the stationery market.The fierce market competition,poor proudcts and weak service are hard to welcomed by consumers.So that,the innvotion of proucts and service is necessary.
The core competitiveness of modern enterprises is a competence within knowledge and innvotion.It can keep the balance systerm in the competition.Product innovation is the core competition for enterpriese.To do the innovation is one of developing ways for stationery enterprises.
Frist,product design innovation
Talent cultivation,talent is the soul of the enterprises.To strike up a term with high quality aftere the year of cultivation and absorption then to do the technology innovation.To increase the investment of new proudcts then to gain more market share.
Second, innovation of marketing mode
It is need a good marketing channels for development.At presen, the main sales channels in China stationery are the shupemarket or stores joining agent.With the developing of market, these kind of market also exposed their shortcomings.Innvotions marketing has became urgent need of stationery suppliers.
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