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Stationery knowledge: Several correct method to preserve daily stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-07


           Students stationery is the learning helper which is inseparable from us,so we must correctly preserve them.Next,Lepusheng will show you how to preserve this common stationery products:




            Gel pen


            There is an organic solvent in gel pen, and its viscosity is lower than oily ink,but thick than water-based ink pen, when writing, ink will pass by and chage from the state of semi-solid into liquid ink.The biggest advantage of gel pen is that every drop of ink is used on the pen, never volatilize, leaks, and thus can provide such as silky smooth writing, ink flow stably.The preservation of the neutral pen is very simple, just cover the lid, usually we save it for 2 years which will not affect the writing .



            Correction fluid


            It cannot be placed in the high temperature, high temperature environment will make the chemical composition of correction fluid change, the effect will be worse;Keep the correction fluid placed upward,the purpose of  keepping the correction fluid placed upward is making the spring in the metal be in normal state, and never affect from other material, so when are using it,we just gently to press it then the fluid will freely flow out;Avoid fire,methyl cyclohexane in the correction fluid mainly to accelerate the fast drying, increase the effect of lubrication, help evenly smear, but it is dangerous when encountering heat and flame,so correction fluid should try to avoid fire.



            Double sided glue tape


            Tape should preserve in between the room temperature of 15 ℃ to 35 ℃, don't placed or stored in high temperature and humidity, the big-change temperature,or direct sunlight;We should wipe the paper traces of moisture and oil content ,otherwise it will affect the paste effect;Do not use it on uneven, the dough paper or hot objects;Don't store in weight when preserving, prevent loss of pressure;When find it unstable or crooked when pasting, please check whether the mouth of it broken-down or paste other sundries or not!





             You'd best to put it in the fridge when preserveing it .So it is not a problem for a week or two.Maybe you will think of that it is dirty for such a long time when using it,and want to throw it away,but if you think it beautiful and not willing to destroy it ,then you should try this method,otherwise when it place outside for a long time it will be dry.You can also be put into the egg shell, in this way, a few days and nights regardless of it, it is still in good condition (soft).


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