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Color decide the brand marketing of student stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-06

There are more adn more student stationery enterprise have awared the colour is improtant to the  product.Some brand manufacturer also using the color not only in the products but also in the packing,store decoration,display stand.Color marketing become one of the new marketing for student stationery enterprise.So,what kind of advantage to the stationery manaufactrer from color marteting?How does the enterprise to use the color marketing?Lepusheng stationery (www.lepusheng.com) will discuss with you.


Color decide the brand marketing of student stationery

Most of student stationery enterprise began to improted the color marketing concept,Why?In fact,color is one of the lessest cost design elements .It is needs to do the prophase research, market research and investment for the enterpsie to design a new product in advance.But if the color use of good,it will bring the bigger competitiveness to the product.

At present,there are many domestic stationery enterprises are use the color only in the proudct design.In fact,color marketing is not only the product's color design and development,but also can be use in the product packing,store decoration and so on.The demestic stationery enterprise should to use the color to be brand as soon as possible.

Different colors will transfer the different message to the client,the fresh blue or green will make the student stationery looks younth and vigorous;And the yellow or orange make it warm and romantic.Student stationery nterprise should to choose the suitable color addcording to the own brand and the product style.

However,there are different between the different enterprise and the product audience.So that it can't blindly to copy the other in the color elements.The blindly copy may be not accepted and recongnized by coustomer.And it is not good to the enterprise image.Color and popular elements only suitable to the brand connotation than to plus the added value to the stationery brand.

Color marketing is important,but the survival of an enterprise is in the quality of proudcts.Students stationery needs to pay more attention to the product comfort and function while use the color marketing.To improve the product added value through the developing comfortable,healthy and some student stationery good for growth of children.

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