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Students stationery tend to "pragmatism"

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-19


         At the early stage of the school, it is easy to see a lot of lovely students stationery,they are not only having a powerful function but also a creative stationery ,and this is the key to attract young consumers in recent years, in order to catch these groups,stationery manufacturers also produce lots of fancy stationery.While it is not hard to find these fancy stationery in cartoon shape are  slowly reducing at stationery stores,instead, about seventy percent of the stationery are  the kind of pure and fresh stationery.



         In our impression,office stationery are most of the white-collar workers' favorite, especially the enterprises and institutions usually bulk purchase simple stationery.In fact, most of the young consumers not only like fashion elements of literature and art that   young people like , but also the simple and practical style.As high school students and college students like the simple style of stationery,so that they slowly growing up in the market.If it is divided into student stationery and office stationery according worker or not worker before,then this standard is not  right now.


         In the student groups, the junior middle school and primary school students can easily be attracted by the beautiful stationery products, apart from the actual consumer demand, fun is the main driver that they choose to buy the product.But it is not all for high school and college students , they have more personality,and know more about their real demand, although these individualizing consumer groups pursue creative stationery, they not only pursuit of beautiful appearance,but also the style and the quality requirements of stationery products .So the brand stationery is more popular in many stationery products.To establish a brand image in the fierce competition in the stationery market is very important in the future .


         This changes in the consumption of stationery market also indicates consumer demand for the stationery is changing ,too , the market is becoming more and more sophisticated, and more professional.There are  thousands of kinds of stationery brands in the past, but the quality is uneven.With the development of the stationery industry, with more than hundred remaining after elimination, in fact the change of stationery products  is according to consumer demand.


          Of course, no matter how does the consumption idea change, it is the most basic guarantee to ensure the quality and healthy of the stationery products for stationery manufacturers .


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