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Stationery manufacturer popular in "green production"

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-10-19


China is the statioenry big country.The stationery production also brought a lot of promblems for the resources, energy and environment.In recent years,the peopler are pay more attention to the environmental protection.The reasonable use,management of stationery design, the sustainable development in production have be one focusing subject for the stationery manufacturers.
One,green design
Green design ,it is to pay more attention to the proudction and environment,take the consideration of feasibility and the recycling for stationery products.Most of stationery factories are do the design for production and lacking the consideration for the product function, consumption of the product and the environmental Impact.The key point of green design is the take fully considered to the environmental protection.
Two,green technology and manufacturing
Under the traditional stationery manufacturing, most of them are do the resources consumption production.Because of the low level of the robotics automation technology and lacking of the modern technology use.It is easy cause too much waste of raw materials.Green production need solve the waste during production and provide the good production without pollution and save resources model.During the long-term production,Lepusheng stationery always keep the green prdocution,strict control in the production process, adjust the production structure and  the amount of drainage.
Three,green management
It is necessary the green management if do the green proudciton.In management, the  government has promulgated and carry out the necessary quality standards and regulations provisions.It require the enterprises need to reduce waste and some new requirement for prevention.The ISO14000 environmental management system standard is work for that.
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