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Lepusheng summarized different stationery strategy attract different consumer group

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-02

As there are the fixed consumers groups such as student and office in the stationery.Most of stationery shop are follows this management philosophy and choose the sit near the school or office buildings.And during the process of the business,how to keep the customers in some reasonable ways?And Lepusheng has sharing as follows:

For the new stationery shop,to attact the customer is important.How to let the consumers know you?You can purchase something curious,innovative.And many stationery are lack of the awareness of brand,but pay more interesting in the funny student stationery.Relatively,office stationery is more be attentioned in its practicality and the simply design.And the brand has been attention.Although novel products be more welcomed by customers.Shopkeeper should take the consumpetion level of students  into the consideration.The consumpetion of students is not as well as the office worker can to buy somethings with famous brand.

Besides sales the products about study in stationery shop.It also sell the coaching books.But it is no enough to sell the coaching books.After the class,students also read something interested.Stationery shopkeeper also can purchase those books or the popular novel to attract students' attention.If target customers is the office worker,you can purchase some books about technical,reduce pressure,recipes or YuNg books.

During the operation,stationery promotion is necessary.Promotion could't too easy,the simple promotion mean nothing.According to different consumers,there are the different promotion.Student group is more interested in the lovly and funny products.We can do the member points card like supermarket.Send some gifts once the student can reach the certain points.And the higher points can get more bigger gifts.The member card can be use by other and enjoy the same service.The member card can hold and expand more consumer.And,what kinds of sales promotion suit to the office worker.Office group always purchase the stationery product on collective purchasing, and unified purchas by the company.For those group,it is suitable to do the bundle sales.Such as to send something once reach the quantity.

It is the attraction for the enterprise which needs the large and long-trem purchase stationery.And it also can attract more potential customers.

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