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Exporting stationery:get high profit in transformation

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-07

There is the fixed mode for the stationery exporting trade:the foreign customers take a sample or model drawings,to find the stationery factory which could production.Disussed the price then realize cooperation.However,with the weakness for the traditioanl European market and the interse competition,this mode has changing.

The profit of exporing trade mode is be compressed.In the face of such situation,Chinese stationery exporting company to transformation and upgrading is urgent need.

A lot of enterprise said, The RMB appreciation is the profit "killer" for the enterprise.It has refused a half of order since this years.The total amount of the stationery exporting value is about 30%-40% in the past.But it is less than 10% in this years.The RMB is rising and the improter insist on the original price.At present, the avails is about 10% for the stationery exporting industry.The exchanger rate fluctuations has devour most of the profits.

The worrying influence is not only the cultural products manufacturing industry,the other light industry also have already suffering.The deta form ministry of commerce showing the traditional advantage in export industry such as bags, shoes,toys were appeared slower growth.The inside said that current stationery exporting trade is growth rapid than developed countries,the mainly products exporting growth is limited,and the stationery products are in the slow-growing.

"On the one hand, the exporing products are in the slow-growing.On the other hand,There are the  competition with the low price and disorder and half of enterprises' cost are rising in the indsutry."The  inside pointed out.Stationery industry as one of the traditional export industry,althourgh it is weakened through the changed of raw material price,lack of the labor force and the cost rise are the mianly influence.The spokesman of the ministry of commerce also emphasis on the current  importer trade protectionism and the  Europe and the United States market set up the trade barriers also are the improtant factors for the stationery product exporting.

There are lots of difficult to the stationery industry if they don't  transformation and upgrading as soon as possible.Meatwhile,to explore the domestic market atively also an important mode for enterprise stable development.

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