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The Story We Must Know

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-06


       There is a temple, it is famous for the possession of a bunch chaplet . And only the old abbot and the seven disciples knew about it .The seven disciples are savvy, the old abbot want to pass the mantle to any of them in the future, then build and carry forward the dharma.Don't want the chaplet disappeared suddenly.


        The old abbot  asked the seven disciple: " who took the chaplet , as long as it  back, I don't pursue, and the Buddha would also won't blame.But he disciples shook his head.

        7 days passed , the chaplet is still missing. The old abbot asked again : "as long as to admit who take the chaplet ,it  will belong to him.But 7 days passed , there is still  no one admitted.

       The old abbot fell disappointed: "you will go down the mountain  tomorrow , and the one who take the chaplet  may stay here if you want ."The next day, six disciple packed their things and leave.There is only one disciple to stay.

       The old abbot asked the disciple: "where is the chaplet ?"Disciple said: "I didn't get it.""Why  do you want to admit you are a theft ?"Disciple said: "these days we seven mutual suspicion, but there must be someone to stand out, the others can get relief. Besides, the chaplet is missing,the Buddha still exist !"

        The old abbot smiled, take out the chaplet  from the bosom to the disciple's hands.

        This story, let us think much !

         Not all the things need to be clear.But more important  is: to bear,to action,to dissolve, to reverse, to  change, to  think about ourselves and think more about  others, pay attention to the interests of the whole ,all these are  the law.This is not only a kind of state, but also a great wisdom.

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