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Students stationery become the best collection of the consumers

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-04


           As is known to all, there are more and more new styles of stationery,and they all looks creative and beautiful with their attractive appearance.Do you know they can not only attract the customers,but also gradually become their collection.Since the 1990 s, the biggest change of small products is changed from stationery to toys.So that we have the correction tape in camera shape,bear modelling correction fluid, Iron man pencil case, eraser in shape of butterfly and beetles .Then consumers will collect them due to these changeful modelling of stationery.



           New fancy stationery is the most favourite to let the little girls , those  consumers of collection fans even force themselves to purchase and collect  all associated products at once .Of course, in addition to these emerging stationery can be high-profile, the high end pens are the most famous collections of the stationery, there are many consumers bought and collected them without hesitation ,heavy gold buying for collection.In addition to the reason that they are fashionable, high-end,but are there other reasons?The answer is yes.


           Understands from network, Mrs Shen is the famous collector from zhoupu town, pudong, Shanghai in recent years who colllect all kinds of stationery.Since 1991,he totally collect of more than 1800 various types of stationery, among them,  there are more than 500 of pencil case , pencil knife with more than 200, more than 280 pieces of eraser, has more than 150 students rulers,and more than130  compass .These stationery were categorized and collected in a home-made wooden fence.Mr. Shen said,it is small investment but not-low taste to collect this kind of stationery, and it is also quite funny.He said, there are many collectors like him,see,totally 10 collectors in the neighborhood. Every month ,they will get together for several times to communicate with each other for their respective collection experience, and to show their situation of their own collections, etc.We can also know that large number of primary and middle school students also consciously or unconsciously to collect all kinds of stationery.However, their collection method is simple, they will collect the old stationery that they don't use them any longer rather than throw them out.


         So, there are various styles for collecting stationery.If the stationery consumption concept is more than a learning tool, then it can brings a new way for stationery manufacturers to earn money .It is worth mentioning that the "Iron man shape of pencil-box" which is produced 18 years ago is sold only about 50 yuan each, now rise to about 300 yuan;A piece of "Smurfs" color eraser is 1 yuan at that time, but now it rise to 20 yuan.With the passage of time ,these stationery can also show their social status, isn't it impressive?


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