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Environmental protection style popular in office stationery supplies

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-11

With improving of people's quality,there is the higher standards of people in health.So that there is the green storm in office supplies.More and more people are pay great attention to the healty in daily life.Of course,it is strict screening in the stationery.But most of consumers just pay attention ton the deily consumers goods,the healty of office stationery has not been caused widespread attention.

Most of office worker are do work about 8 hours.It does not include the overtime,lunch time and so on.It should be stay in work over 10 hours in the strict calculation.Especialy in the big city,under the great pressure of work,work overtime is inevitable.There is the potential threat to the health of employees under the such harm from the low-quality stationery or other office supplies.So that there are more and more office worker are prefer to choose the safer and environmentally friendly office supplies.

Threfore,there are more and more humanized large enterprise take the consideration of the price and functions when purchase the stationery.It is not only display the human-based management but also enhance the centripetal force of enterprise.Only to ensure the profit of employess thet to get better development.

Environmental protection should be take into the daliy work while it become the life of gravity.With the such green wave,it will certainly poplar in the offic supplies.Such as the new product in current market.All of them have the different features but accroding to the ergonomic design.In terms of material selestion,green environmental protection material has made full use.Most stationery production materials are usd according to the international certification of environmental protection material.It is green withou pollution-free which  are consistent with social trends.

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