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Lepusheng Stationery tell you :How many kinds of stationery?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-07

Stationery is short for pen, ink, paper and inkstone in ancient China.As the time gone by,there are more and more different kind of stationery.including gel ink pen,pencil,pen holder,calculatorand, ruler,file pocket and so on.Now,Stationery has become an commonly article. In general,stationery can be divided into students stationery, office stationery and gift stationery.Lepusheng statinoery will tell you something about them.


Students stationery


As implied by the name,student stationery main users of student stationery.It is more fashionable and popular than office stationery.It is Including correction products, writing instrument pen, pen boxes, folder such as packet receive stationery, pencil sharpener, pen plane, liquid glue, glue, scale kind, compasses, pen knife, scissors, slipcase and so on.


Office stationery


The main users of office stationery are the people who working in the office.It is more utility economy and simplicity.In addition to the desktop supplies such as stapler, scissors, ticket holder, nail needle series,  pen holder, desk calendar frame, calculator. Also includes office  notes, writing correction product (gel ink pen, correction tape/correction fluid), financial products (cheque holder, special seal), and other stationery like magazine rack, mouse, U disk, electronic product and so on.


Besides, with the improvement of science and technology office, office supplies class  such as toner cartridges, ink cartridges, transparent sheets, dermatoglyph paper, copy paper, fax paper and websit line, crystal head also classify the within office stationery.


Gift stationery


Gift stationery is the stationery series independent out a new stationery concept in recent years.As students stationery  are more and more fashionable, lively, creativity, and  wacky.Those is elaborate stationery bececm the exchanges gift between people and popular in stationery market.It is also illustrates the concept of consumer is changeing.They are concerned only with  product practica in the past.but now more attention to the stationery design ideas.


In general.stationery gift  have superior workmanship,exquisite packaging and variable quality.Especially with the development of Chinese stationery industry. Chinese gift stationery toward specialization, art development. even though  foreign gift stationery development are more early  and than China.


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