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There are three type business in China stationery market

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-17

There is rise by 10% of the domestic stationery since last years.And the importing brand and high-end domestic brand also keep rising by 20% in price.

The insider said that it is no doubt that the import stationery is better that the domestic.But stationery is the daily consumer goods,so that there is the different consumer groupin China stationery market.

And there are three types of stationery in market:

One,import stationery no worry about the sales

Japan and Germany are represented by import stationery to enter into China market.They are famous from qualiy and pattern design.According to the introduction of import stationery merchant that the importing stationery usually in the advanced fabrication processing than keep unfading.The colour profusion showing the high-end quality. Mitsubishi and skimmer are the main representative.

Two,Joint venture stationery factory gradually be welcomed

There are many joint venture stationery supplier are composed of by the Taiwan and China mainland.But they product are lower than the import stationery in prattern and price.In recenet yaers,there is appeared a number of emerging brand such as lions, sweet bees are gradually into market.They are all in the similar price about 10 yuan.The stationery product from joint venture stationery factories have fill  the domestic stationery market variety in a certain extent.And give a lot of choice room for the consumer.

Three, Domestic brand in cost-effective

Now,the development of stationery entrerprise still in the good times.There are more and more demestic brand will increase the promotion,strengthen the brand in the market.The demand of current three or four line city are increase and the rural urbanization also be sepeeded up.And most of consumer groups in three and four line market will not purchase foreign brands. The domestic brand such as Lepusheng are more suitable to the current consumer groups in proudct and price.

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