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Stationery export trend in the first half of 2013

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-08-06

    There is keep the increasing in Chinese foreign trade.According to Chinese customs statistics,between January and June,the national import and export of $2.05 trillion, including $1.05282 trillion in exporting.Increase of 10.4%,  $944.87 billion in imported with increase of 6.7%.

    Learned from the above situation,China stationery export growth is higher than other major trading partners.Except Hong Kong exports rose 14.0% in April, most of countries have the low increased or negative growth including other major trading partners such as Brazil,Russia,South Africa and so on.At the same time,there is changing in the foreign trade.On the one hand,the market share of European Union and Japan are declining. The import market share dropped by 0.8% then 2012.And there are the increase in emerging markets such as South-East Asian,Russia, Africa and so on.

    Although there is the good trend in current China stationery foreign,there is still facing many new challenges,with full of variables.

    One is increase the export market demand. The world economy is still influenced by quantitative easing in the developed countries and the sovereign dabt crisis.The lacking demand still not be improved, The international monetary fund and the world trade organization will be reduct the forecast of global economy and global trade growth in 2013.

    Two, the more intense international competition.With the development of China stationery industry and the other developing countries to trun to the international industrial.There is the positive competition between China and developed countries.And the increasingly competitive between  traditional labor-intensive industry in developing countries.At the same time , quite a number of foreign trade enterprises,including stationery manufacturer with the weakness in  technology innovation, standards, the marketing network and the ability of resource integration.

    Three, the weakening of traditional competitive advantages of foreign trade. At present, there are some elements reduct the company competitive advantages such as  increasing  raw materials cost,labor costs and the limited in energy resources,especially the reason such as the appreciation of RMB exchange rate.Most of stationery factories or  small and medium-sized enterprise are in the middle of developing and competition adjustment with lacking of capital,technology,talents.Urgently need to speed up the transformation and upgrading.

    Four, rising trade protectionism.China are suffered the 77 investigate from 21 countries and regions in 2012.It is amount of f $27.7 billion. The test standard of stationery is rising.It is a  larger challenge for foreign stationery manufacturers.

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