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Traditional stationery market has changed,What kind of development trend in 2013?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-05

Review recent years in stationery market.It is easy to found the low carbon stationery products has become the main trend in the market.With the imporving development of the stationery market.Design concept will be plays a more important role in the stationery industry.However,as the creative stationery and the intelligent stationery products being appare.What kind of development trend would be appear in 2013?


1.Stationery design concept getting "green"work


It is understood that the stationery industry developed rapidly,and make the environmental protection stationery gradually into the chain of stores.Although the design concept have not yet been most attention.And the copy always appeared in the stationery industry.Along with the development of the stationery indstry,the stationery has changed to the humanity and art.And now,there's  been a profound change in consumer groups.The people who born after the 1970s are more attention to the stationery's quality and the reasonable price.but with the improving life level,the post 80s and 90s are pay more attention to the hommization in product and convenience in use.Stationery design getting "green"work.


2. Broad market for the gift stationery


With the rapid development,the demand for the high-end gift is increasing.There are more and more business field and relevant activities apperaed sent the stationery as gift for each other.The rapid development of gift stationery also will affect the market.The gift stationery market no noly to improve the market's demand,but also with the love.With the use of new material,new technology,new concept,ther are more and more function in the stationery.


3. Battered from the Intelligent electronic stationery products


With the development of the network,intelligent product has a second revolution.The functions of theintelligent electronic stationery product such as dictionary, learning machine are increasing.It can receive a variety kind of stationerys or other tools.Especiallly,it is very suitable for students.According to statistics, in the traditional stationery market,the related data showed that there are about 1000 billion yuan of the market potential.Face to the new product,especially electronic stationery products,there are the big batter to the market.


Nowadays, stationery industry development has entered into maturity stage,there are lots of stationery factories has establish a brand basic on the quality and customers.The gift stationery and the  intelligent electronic stationery were get to the market.Let's see if the traditional stationery market can be renew in the market?


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