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How unbranded stationery save for cost at office and school

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-11-27


For this economic winter, we are difficult to control income, even we can work harder. However, it is a good way to control the expense for any cost.
One of the easy control consumable products is stationery and there is great room of cost saving, especially for unbranded stationery.
Since stationery is not a complex product and they are not expensive, it is no warranty issue. Quality is just slightly different or even same between branded and unbranded stationery. In fact, many manufacture just using same material to produce branded and unbranded stationery generally.
No promotion cost
The selling cost will sharply drop for unbranded stationery caused by no expensive promotion cost. Believe it or not? More than 40% of selling cost is come from promotion cost. They use huge of money for advertising channel and advertising officer. It is no need to pay additional to let me trust this simple stationery product, branded stationery is really better?
Reduce the design and packing cost
Simple is always comfortable, unbranded stationery usually using simple packaging and without bravery design. Therefore, there is no unnecessary issue, all is practical. Branded stationery upgrades your taste? Maybe. But the most acceptable way is use the suitable style product to work with you.
Huge production for wide use
Stationery manufacture usually will not produce a large quantity with branded product caused by just one of their buyer will purchase it. But they are glad to produce a huge quantity of unbranded product caused by they can sell it to many different buyer. On the other hand, there is much higher demand for unbranded stationery. Therefore, that's why the final selling cost of unbranded stationery is much lower than branded one.
Bulk Packaging
Unbranded stationery usually uses bulk packaging for selling, so it will reduce the packaging and shipping cost. The unit cost of stationery is comparing lower and it is the other reason of low cost.
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