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Stationery industry new trend:combine with animation and creation

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-11

To get to the root of the traditional Chinese stationery, seven-piece puzzle has a certain contribution to the world.In the 18th century, it spreads abroad and has been aroused great interest.It is noly onle the intelligence toys but also the stationery to know various kind of geometric pattern.Therefore,Chinese stationery has a long-term historical background and innovative thinking.

Stationery suuplies is one of the most rapid and completive industies of China line industry.But why are there always accused of copy and imitation in China stationery?The development of the stationery industry is not only the itselft,but also the deeply mining of the national culture.The culture,stationery and production are closely related.The stationery industry is facing how to combine with animation and creation in the stationery manufacturing.

In the startup phase of the China stationery industry,the foreign stationery menufacturers have already vigorously promoted the derived series of stationery products, such as Mickey Mouse, barbie dolls, transformers, altman under the helpful form animation film and television.These stationerys bring the joy to the Chniese children while to occupied the stationery store shelves in department.And it also made a good profit to the foreign stationery.

Creative industry is the sunrise industry of China.Creative industry always can zoom the  shining point in ten times as much then promoted the product profit room.Chinese creative industry just start in recent years.however there are more and more China stationery enterprises has aware there is the buiness oppotunity in the stationery industry once combine with creative industry.

To combine the stationery industry with animation and creative industry is not noly to help the domestic stationery enterprises get away from present troubles,but also the development in furture.

It is needs a chian to realize the connection,integration,sharing for the stationery industry bembine with the animation and creative industry.To improve industry chain and promote the comprehensive development then provide the strong  intellectual support.The expert proposal that it should to publish a little of  relevant support policy to breakthrough the long-established pattern in traditional stationery industry.Attract a number of creative enterprises with stong strength.To integrate the resources effectively and make the good allocation between the animation industry and the creative industry.So than tocause the aggregation effect in the development of the stationery industry.

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