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How to choose a good stationery source?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-07-30

It is looks easy to do the stationery business but not.Only real do it and feeling it is competitive.The novice will lost when selecting a stationery suppliers if without clear target and management.Therefore,to choose the good office supply source can keep the shore developing and increase the knowledge in the field of stationery.

The biggest difference between wholesale and retail:there is the low profits if single selling in wholesale but can make money through a lot of shipment sales.And there is the high profits for retailers if sell out a single commodity.

Most of stationery shopkeeper are not to left too many products.So that they always just purchas a part.To text the market demand through such part.It is safe and lower risk.But it has a disadvantage.It maybe face out of stock situation.It is virtually interfere with your judgment of stationery market prospect.

So when you do stationery, you should to know the demand of people though the latest stationery market infomation,tendency and so on.To give enough sincerity and confidence to the wholesalers.To gain the best wholesales price with the large quantity.

Generally speaking, the stationery purchase including purchase amout,proucts catalog,single items and quantity.There is a simplay way to make sure the purchase amount.It is to add up the mouthly cost then to divide by margins,And the work out data is your monthly to replenish onr's stock.

You should puchase diverse stationery type as much as possible.Because you need to improve many kind of proudcts  to your costomer.When you gain the information about your customer then to lock in certain kinds of stationery.Then to puchase the office stationery the customers wish in large quantity.To ask for lower price.

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