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Confusion and low price competition of stationery reduce the industrial profit

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-10

Market like battlefield, competition is everywhere. "Commercial competition should be based on the benign, healthy and in line with market rules" this slogan be shouted for many years, but there is easy to cuase a price war in stationery market once during festival or other business opportunity.

It is a responsibility to promote the development of the office supplies for each stationery enterprise.And the malicious competition is the biggest obstacle to industry development.

The nature of business is to make money, so that the stationery products must ensure certain profits. Profit is the lifeblood of enterprises,what is the basis for the enterprise development?It is profit;what is the basis for the employee development?It also the profit!The development of the industry also in the same reason.No profit,no development.Reduction should be based on the declding cost or the lower profit.It is the improvement if ruduce the price  through technological innovation or improve management.It is the guiadance for industry.But,to reduce the profits then to keep the lower price,it will make the industry development in slow or even stagnation.

Some people said that reduction is the temporary strategy,it is the way to take more market share then to the master pricing power when keep the certain market.After all,you can sell in high price as you want.However,when you have selled in low price,you also made the chain-price for this kind of product.Consumers will be buy on this standard price and make the review to similar product in whole stationery industry.And the price is difficult to come back once in the lower price.

Stationery enterprises can be made three typs by the different position:common companies make the normal profit and in the steady development;Excellent enterprises make the high profit and leading in the gobal;Low-end enterprise make the cost management and distub the market.

According to this classification, excellent enterprises always keep the unified price and never reduce the price blindly.Such as Appler,they reduce the price before the next new product publish within the plan and control the price.

Market competition is fierce,discount or promotion is inevitable,but there is the bottom line for the enterprise,it is to ensure that the profit of industry.

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