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The 7th summit of eastern Guangdong,boosting the development of Shantou industries

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-18

Sponsored by the Guangdong small  and medium-sized enterprise promotion association,the 7th summit of eastern Guangdong was hold on the Shantou,Guandong in December 15,2012.The summit made the depth analysis of current macroeconomic situation,and provide lessons for the Shantou enterprise development on the Wezhou trader.It is play a important role for the Shantou traditional advantage enterprise, the stationery industry.


The 7th summit of eastern Guangdong - Lepusheng

Selection in Shantou to held such"enlightening meeting".It is a rare learning opportunity to the presence executives,In the summit,Mr.Zhoudewen has shared the business stories about Wenzhou traders,and Bobby,the professor of Northwestern university.He talked somethings about brand.It is good for the Shantou small and medium-sized stationery manufacturers to form the industry clustering effect and build the brand.In recent years,Shantou stationery enterprises in the continuous adjustment and upgrade the product structure,strengthened the branding construction consciousness.Form the industry clustering effect and branding construction are getting to the main power to push the Shantou stationery exporting.


The 7th summit of eastern Guangdong - Lps stationery

Additionally,in the special class,the teacher put forward the new business model and the Internet influence to the business and enterprise managert.All of them are the new class and ways to the traditional stationery manufacturing.In recent years,due to the declining export in the oversea stationery market and the rising cost in the domestic.Stationery enterprises have to face the economic crisis at home and abroad.Both of new business model or Internet are the new breakthrough way to the stationery manufacturers.

In this summit of eastern Guangdong.It was shared in the such economic crisis,the enterprise how to face the new market environment,meet the new problems and the challenges.Then grasp the operation of macro economy context,cope with difficulties and achieve innovation and development.

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