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Creative stationery is the core competition for the market

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-04

Creative stationery has face the new development opportunities.As there is the imperfection in the current China stationery market and a fight from foreign brand.Chinese stationery foctories also faceed with the great challenge.. In view of the particularity of the stationery industry ,we have summarizes four key for the success factors in industry:design,brand,management and operation.All of them are the the success key for the creative sationery.

Innovation stationery design

In recent years,the stationry has got more and more "functional" and "personalized" as requested.But practical is always the pursuit direction for people.So than function design will be the mainstream of the creative stationery.On the basis of practical and combined with the marketing orientation.And ensure the comfortable and convenience for the user.And these stationery products will be promoste the sales and market competition.
Stationery branding construction

Brand concept is getting more and more intense for the current Chinaese.Because a good brand always will bring the good service.Stationery as a regular supplies in life,of course be required save heart.So that the customer prefer to spend more price by 15%~20% to buy the brand products.And most of consumers have know the awareness and strength of stationery brand trought the various media.

Stationery marketing planning

For the large and medium-sized enterprises, their buiness channel not only in domestic market,but also need to go out to abroad as far as possiable.Compared with the foreign emolument,Chinese OEM stationery are more lower in price.And the price of foreign stationery manybe better than Chinese in quality but higger in price.So that to produce the better qualiy will bring more benefit.

Enterprise management mode

How does the enteprise to work?How to cooperate between different department?What is details should be pay attention in the stationery manufacturing?To keep practice than to get this kind of knowledge.We should go on to looking for the best way for enterprise management whether an enterprise or a staff.

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