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Five thinking in Chinese stationery enterprises

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-08-05

    Export enterprise faced with four trend of changing including appreciation, currency inflation, monetary policy tightening and the consumption upgrade.Under such situation at home and abroad,hot to do well in the both market.According to the stationery market situation,the professional are put the ideas as follows:

Do well in select position and business innovation

    For most of stationery suppliers which have been done in stationery export, to turn to the domestic market is not easy to take the share form the enterprises which have the compete sales network.So the selection of the right positioning in base and the business innovation is the best way for them.But it is not enough.It is mean that the stationery marketing should be innovation again.Includes your profits model innovation.For example,to profitable on products or service?Or the enterprises management mode at home, etc.It is all need be configured.

Strengthen the brand image

    The sole criterion for testing brand is time, Throughout the big brands in the world, it is alll the time concise product.Only through the time or through the long term then to change back the need of brand loyalty.

    In addition, the brand is not equal to advertising, advertising is just a way quickly increase awareness.But it is not the only one, Actually,spread positive word-of-mouth and public relations is the best brand are the best ways rather than advertising.

 Pay attention to the terminal brand effection

    As we look at some advertisments,we can see there are some enterprises with long history,good reputation and super production.But all of them could not be display in terminal market. Many ads play blaring but lack of awareness.Don't forget the most powerful promotion is the word of mouth.This is the key points.It need the training,terminal building and so on.

Simplify the channel level

    If the key of early stationery industry in marketing competition is the channel.Nowadays,the terminal competition is the key.Therefore,the manegement more close to the terminal,the more close to the market.Then to take more market share.It is also can strengthen the reaction speed of the market.To strengthen the terminal control.

Improve the cooperation and channel mode

    Investors think it is only need the money in pass,but it is not the all in the future.Compaines are likely to continue to improve the joining mode innovation.For example,to choose the dealers who pay more attention to thinking and consciousness, to reduct the responsibility of stationery factory and so on.

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