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Small and medium-sized stationery enterprise lacking of power to expand the market

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-13

At present,there are many strong animation cartoon enterprise and plastic enterprise entered into stationery industry.And it maybe good for the stationery industry.It can make the whole industry more standardized and mature.The new brand entering means that the industry competition will be more intense,It is not easy to survive in the such "war".

It is very intense in the markeing competition,the fasmous stationery brand encterprises to speed up the expansion and increasing the market share.The such forward development can inseparable with their brand stength.However,there are most of small and medium-sized enterprises unable to expand the market,and the declining sales.


Small and medium-sized enterprise does not have any advantage,and they must be faster to get the mraket for order.There ar many process in the large enterprise so that the efficiency is low.But it just the biggest advantage of small and medium enterprises.They can produce more mode in the short time.

Most of small and medium-sized stationery enterprise are unable to do well in the management.It caused the structure of company have many department,but difficult to rank the results uniformly.Lacking of the accurate judgment and leading to the meeting no results.Rapiding development need the support of strong executive.And in its initial stages of the enterprise,it should needs the short, flat and fast.To reduce the department and increase the reaction speed.And keep the immediate communication and timely communication.

On the other hand, the small and medium-sized enterprise hope to get the order quickly and to get more stationery market share as the funds limited.Under the such stong strategy of "to survival  then development". Small and medium-sized enterprise have to face the reality that they need more and more order to keep survival in low price.Resulting in the brand and whole image in cheep.
For the new brand which just enter the market,if want to bese on the hig-end,it is cretainly needs a lot of investment such as money and human resources.But it is difficulti to achieve,so most of them just choice the medium or small market for living.But all kinds of famous brand have a great interesting to into high-end market.After the small and medium-sized enterprise steady,they should going to the high-end market.But the blindly low price is bad for the brand developing.

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