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How to inject the fresh elements to the stationery brand?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-12-03


For the stationery brand,the more attention, the better.Coming new era bring the fierce competition.And the traditional products appeared its shortcomings in the such more new challenges.So,the eyes effect is particularly important both at home and abroad.How to bold reform and innovation to the traditional office stationery,overcome stationery design and combined with the enterprise development situation?
Innovation of stationery products
To stand out in the homogeneity market,it is needs the stationery manufacturers have the better stationery products.Although there are a lot of new design stationery in market.Popular design of appearance only live for short time and disappear fastly.Only the products which catch up the real demend of consumers that can gain the long-term development.For example,the emergence of the correction tape, correction tape is more easy in use that correction fluid.It was became the maintream becuase need not warit for dry after used.Thus,upgrading of stationery and innvoation is the power of the development 
Emerging marketing 
It need a little novelty in stationery brand.It is ask for the enterprises to make the marketing according to the consumers.Put more consumers' idea into the design.Now, most of stationery do the SNS,they can know more idea from the peoper.It is a new way and it is very fresh for consumers.
Only to improve the brand marketing that to improve the whole strength.Innovation of stationery and the emerging marketing are closely to the market.Only change accroding to the market that to get the new development opportunities.
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