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Stationery exporting orders turn into differentiation from quantitative

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-07-29

Although there is release the signal of world economic recovery since this years.Most of OEM stationery producers still feel very helpless.The exports roughly close to the last years but with the 10% reduction.

There are two points pushing the Chinese stationery manufacturers enter into the troubles including declining demand of traditional European and American market and the rising cost of manufacturing.

At present,as the inceasing costs of the labor,the weak market demand and the instability RMB exchange rate.Chinese competitive advantage can no more exist in labor-internsive industry.The deamnd of emerging market in South America such as Mexico,Brazi,Chile.Scandinavian market and African market are not solve the weak market.

Periodic changing demand make the instability orders.

Many stationery company were returned 20% then last years in exporting order.It is because the large inventories have been digested.And the new demand order is appeared.Foreign stationery exporter need to keep the market thourgh the price adjustment for such situation.

Although there is the reducing cost of raw materials.It is can't to fully offset the rising labour and processing costs.It is one of the export barriers for hihest increasing and the instability exchange.There is the high sensitivity of prodcut processing price.RMB exchange rate make the foreign buyer afraid to place a big order.

Order:turn into the differentiation from quantitative

Traditional labor-intensive enterprises can't turn into the automation production in short time.And some of small and medium-sized enterprise can't afford massive costsduring the such situation.This mode is clearly unsustainable.

Therefore,what kinds of model should be taken in an enterprise development?To strengthen the cost control such as control the production chain, do well in the production planning,improve the running speed of the workshop.On the other hand,to improve the service including the preliminary design,logistics service and so on.

Of course,outlet pressure still exist such as the high requirement of the products and the strict standard on the quality of stationery products.Most of foreign orders have the structure change including many model,small batch and the short cycle.All of them are bring the trouble to the Chinese stationery enterprises.

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