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High cost stationery manufacturing also needs high technology

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-31

No matter the material energy or the rising cost since 2012,it cuased the price of stationery product lower and lower.And the stationery manufacturing face the huge pressure.The coming high cost making the stationery consumers no longer pay easily.Especially for the new main consumption group,the pupolar who borned after 1990 or 2000.

The 1990s generation is growth with the high-tech.They has the highest familiarity for the new media than last generations.At the same time,thery  also has the high requirements for products in technical.The incresed costs could't bring the "different" to the people,That is why it difficult to get the welcomed by people.So that,it needs pay more attention to the R&D to sell to "the 1990s generation".Only the new product quality can attract the consumers to pay willing.

In the furture development of the student stationery,the fashionable product and environmental protection product are the inevitable trend.Nowdays,the student has the more and more comperhensive information and rich kenowledge.They no longer satisfied with yesterday's consumption style.So that there are appeared so many new creative stationery,popular stationery.
Under the publicity of the environmental protection concept.The current students regard environmental protection as the fashion ,and with the high recongnition.So that,most of students staitonery have said goodbye to the simple design,and intergrated into the concept of green environmental protection with the clean appearance.

According to the requirement of the consumer in the new and practical.The leading stationery enterpirses have pay more attention to the product technology content,to implemente the product innovation and the different of the products.And to develop the new products with the independent intellectual property rights of innovative, practical, safe, environmental protection.In addition,with the new requirment of the stationery from stationery consumers.The practicability of stationery product also very improtant.There are so many nice stationery design but unpractical.At the end,stationery is one of the study tools,practical is key.

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