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How to solve the random development of domestic stationery?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-01

There is the big oppportunit in the current stationery industry as the independent branding construction.Now,how to solve the random development of domestic stationery,it is the main problem faced by the industry.

With the development of China manufacturing industry,staitonery as one of the largerest export products.It is the significance of  realistic and strategic for China office supplies to attain international standards,to enter into the world and  promote the International coopetition.As the specific standard requiere such as specific,size,weight, performance,acceptance check and packing.It has listed in the several countiries industry stndard such as European and American.

Because China too late to know the important position of the light industry.Lacking long-term investment caused the low foundation in the stationery industry.In recent years,although the government has provided the several support in the technology import, technical innovation, and R&D.The current demand in market are in the low level then foreign countries.There is still a big gap,it is  specifically manifested in less product variety,low level,unstable quality and poor reliability.

It is understood that the experts was expected during twelfth five-year,stationery industry can keep a part of the cost advantage,but needs to improve in the technological progress,improving quality and production cost performance to realize the  sustainable development. And there is more than 200-25 billion yuan of the exporting during 2015.It will appear the greath of stationery export.It is expected the annual export growth in stationery export is about 8% ~ 10% within the twelfth five-year.

How to ensure the orderly development of the domestic stationery industry in the broad market demand,it is the main problems.

Therefore, it is the improtant point to work out the relative strict industry standard then to improve the threshold of stationery line.In addition,there are many stationery factories as the limited funds or the other reasons,they more use the home equipment to producte product.There is the deviation to ensure the large scale production with high-quality.It should to improve the online monitoring and the level of model.To eliminate the unquilified products and ensure the assembly quality of production.

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