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New challenges for stationery manufacturer from growing market

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-10-06


In 2012, after more than 10 years development, China stationery manufacturing have the rapid development.It is became the largest producter and largest consumers in the global stationery.However, although the stationery enterprises create a record high in China.Most of stationery suppliers have occupy half of China student stationery ,they take the high-end stationery market.
With the change of stationery industry,there are the different scale and product quality in this line.There are thousand of stationery suppliers and stationery brands.Behind the such prosperity development, it is the enterprise which seek the bigger and good development.But it is cuase the serious homogeneous and lost the market positioning and advantage in stationery market.Its essence is there are many kind of stationeries in China but lacking larger brand.Under such situation, what does the enterprise should go?
Anything has its regularity,stationery industry is no exception.Its development also experience period, growth period, mature period, mature period.And after going to the decline or find a new development way.
There is the different strategy and different goals in different developing stage.At present,China stationery manufacturering has been out of rapid growth and becoming more maturity.It is necessary to make out the new strategy and to expand the marke if the stationery enterprise wants take more market share.
At present, a lot of stationery companies focus on market segments. In fact, with the development of Chinese stationery industry, there is the broad demand in the market.And they gained the necessary marketing theory after the years of experience and research.As the increasing environmental awareness for the emerging consumer,the yound people make the big shape of green stationery in stationery market.It is over 60% of tatol market in the developed contries.So that,the proportion of environmental protection green stationery will be greatly increased in the future.
The new market strategy has challenges  the stationery brand positioning.With the more and more segmentation,consumers have the higher and higher quality request for stationery.The stationery factories how to change the current suitation?Only to turn the developing direction,focus on one area,add the investment and the reserch, to devlop a unique excellent products.Then to becemd the leader of in this line.
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